Jeff Scott Goldman

Jeff in front of Air Force One.
Jeff's last journey aboard Air Force One with a send off from the President.
Covering the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake
Jeff traveling with Dan Rather in Kuwait as American troops liberated the country from Iraq
Jeff traveling with President and Mrs Obama on a state visit to New Delhi India
Jeff covering the Asia Pacific Economic Summit in Lima Peru
Jeff covering Syrian peace intervention talks in Marrakech, Morocco
Jeff covering President Obama and family visit to Cape Coast Castle Ghana  West Africa.
The historic site of African slaves being launched by ship to  America.
Jeff is one of first journalists to arrive on scene in PortAu Prince Haiti in aftermath of earthquake that killed over 200 thousand people
Jeff traveled to Iraq many times before during and after the war.
After traveling aboard Air Force One around the world many times over, President Obama bids Jeff Farewell
Jeff meeting with President George W. Bush before address to the nation
Jeff with President George HW Bush at the White House
Jeff covers President George W. Bush on a state visit to Indonesia
Jeff traveling with Secretary of State Condolezza Rice as she meets with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak